Lee Hodges is an international Illustrator. Inspired by the wild flourishes of latino cultures, the striking chaos of street art and the rhythms and riots of music. The colours and shapes dance much like the boundless energy of drums, the bright yellows of brass and girating palettes of a latin rhythm section. His work has adorned many festivals and he has worked with clients such as Womad, Songlines, the Lincoln Centre New York, Cheltenham Jazz Festival, Waitrose, Clarendon Games, Scoop magazine, Readers Digest, Royal Horticultural Society, Scholastic and many more....as well as working on many album covers. 

Lee is an international Illustrator represented by - https://www.illustrationx.com

Lincoln Center, New York
Live Happy Magazine
SCOOP Magazine
Women's Health Magazine
EAT Magazine
De wolfe Music 
Clarendon games
Red Active
Carnibal Records
Royal Horticultural Society
Premm Design
Little Airplane Productions
Print Week
Hot Rum Cow
Goulash Disko Festival
Scholastic USA
Hatchet Children's Group
Cricket Media
Readers Digest
Freshly Squeezed Music
Continental Drifts
Sounds and Colours
Rambunctious Social Club
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