Visual art wizard, DJ, phonic philanthropist and movie masher.
Lee was born in Kernowfornia, amongst a cluster of oysters, spending his childhood messing around in boats, running from the cookie monster, throwing stones with his feet and generally fertilising his imagination with thick clotted Cornish air and taking it on long walks. After a few years of perambulation and travelling stints, he is currently settled in the furtive foothills of Dartmoor.
Mildly obsessive in nature and restlessly creative, Lee’s DJ and art wizard persona ‘Hodguez’(realising his latin side from a misspelling on a bus ticket in Argentina) creates regular lavish club/arts nights with ‘The Rambunctious social club’, culminating in annual extravagance in the now famous Mexican night of the dead balls.
" Imagination is more important than knowledge” – Albert Einstein.
‘The enemy of art is the absence of limitation’ – Orson Welles.
Influences and loves include books, more books, picture books, the joys of music and searching for new music, also occasionally making music, short films, animations, stories and folklore tradition(when stories were like chinese whispers and as they were told and handed down everyone added their own little flourish) , long films, Edward Gorey, Yuri Norstein, latin street culture, the Mexican day of the dead, Saul Bass(hell,any interesting poster design to be honest!)….heck, so much more….

Lincoln Center, New York
De wolfe Music
Carnibal Records
Royal Horticultural Society
Premm Design
Hot Rum Cow
Goulash Disko Festival
Scholastic USA
Hatchet Children's Group
Cricket Media
Readers Digest
Continental Drifts
Sounds and Colours
Rambunctious Social Club
Panama Cardoon
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